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What are you putting on your Skin?

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Handmade Soap and natural skin care products are not just for the pampered.

Did you know?

Up to 60 percent of what goes onto our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Doesn't your family deserve to use natural skin care products?

Do you want to know exactly what your children are consuming and absorbing?

At Rainforest Organics Natural Soap Co., we list all of our ingredients, and they are all 100% natural.


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Natural Skin Care Products and Natural Handmade Soap

100% Organic Goodness, the way Mother Nature Intended.


Are you looking for a more natural approach to your skin care regime?

 Do you have concerns about what you or your family put on your skin?

Why not start your day with our Organic Liquid Castile Soap, made using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or a bar of our Natural Handmade Soap?  Why take a risk with synthetic cleansers that dry out your skin.  We use only 100% Natural Ingredients, and have added pure essential oils for their aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

All of our Natural Soaps are vegetarian and/or vegan, and we never test on animals!  We have however been known to test on family and friends, but they are generously rewarded with free product samples. 

Why not  indulge yourself and your family with products that you know will help, not harm. Natural skin care products that truly are 100% pure and natural, eco-friendly, cruelty free, and are vegetarian and/or vegan.

And don't forget to exfoliate your skin using a selection of natural fiber cloths, scrub brushes and other bath accessories.  We are all busy, but our bodies deserve a bit of pampering every once in a while.

       After a hard day at work or looking after the kids why not unwind with a therapeutic bath and some heavenly, relaxing scents using our Natures Harvest Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and professional diffusers?  Obviously part of using personal care products is functional, cleansing and moisturizing your skin, but another part is the feel good mood enhancing and relaxing aspects of bathing and essential oils can play a large part in enhancing mood, helping people unwind and relax after a long day.  And with our room diffusers essential oils can enhance the mood of the entire home, as natures bounty of scent gently diffusers throughout the house.

We have designed an organic natural soap for every moment and mood.  Harmony is a great start to your morning, while our Lavender natural soap is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day.  Unscented Castile makes an excellent moisturizer in the dry winter or hot summer and is safe for those with fragrance allergies, or extremely sensitive skin.  We take our customers need for unscented products so seriously that we keep our unscented products in a seperate warehouse so there is not scent cross contamination.

By popular demand we are also manufacturing Natural Organic Liquid Soaps, 100% Olive Oil, there is nothing more gentle.  All natural, no synthetics, no preservatives, just good old fashioned soaps manufactured using traditional methods just like our ancestors used to make.

Our Pure Organic Castile Liquid Soap is manufactured with 100% Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gently soap, it is fantastic for those with sensitive skin.  Finally people with Psoriasis or other skin ailments can cleanse without irritation.  And what better to clean those precious children of ours.

While in the shower or bath, an unbleached loofah or a natural fiber ramie cloth is an excellent way to exfoliate and keep your skin soft and smooth.  Although this process may differ from the routine your used to now, it doesn’t take any longer, and probably won’t cost you any more.  But will you ever feel a difference!

     We’ve taken out the guess work by designing a simple, but effective range of products that allow you to pamper yourself.  They look good, they smell good and they feel good.  We encourage you to take care of you, pamper yourself, share them with those you care about and join our Rainforest family.


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